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Dr. Sweis is an extremely talented surgeon! She pays great attention to detail, is very precise and took the time to fully discuss my needs/requirements with me. Once we agreed on a course of action she completely explained the procedure and set my expectations perfectly. Dr. Sweis truly cares about her patients and has tremendous pride in her work. She was able to turn the clock back on my eyes 12+ years with this procedure but absolutely maintained the integrity of the shape of my eyes. I trust Dr Sweis completely and would recommend her for anyone seeking a plastic surgeon!



I found that the Kybella injections have helped me achieve my results without having to worry and stress about going into surgery. The process is quick and easy and Dr. Sweis is amazing! I felt comfortable and calm throughout the entire process! I am very happy and pleased with my results. I started to notice a nice change after my second treatment. I must be honest when I say that you most likely will need at least three treatments. I needed a fourth treatment to achieve my full result. The downfall of this is that is could get quite expensive. But for me its worth it!


Kybella Injections

I was referred to Dr. Sweis by two girlfriends of mine and I also know a third person who had undergone the same procedure by Dr. Sweis. Each of these people have had nothing but positive things to say about her. It's always scary to think about having surgery and this was the first surgery I ever had, so I was a little nervous. Dr. Sweis has the best bedside manner. She is the sweetest, kindest, most caring doctor that I have ever met (and I'm a nurse in a hospital, so I know plenty). She was extremely thorough in explaining the procedure and everything that comes along with it. Dr. Sweis made me feel so confident and comfortable in my decision and I never felt pressured once. It was really important for me to have a natural look with the implants and Dr. Sweis made sure of that. The results are amazing and I honestly couldn't be happier! My breasts look real and my scars are minimal. I honestly wouldn't trust anyone else to do as amazing as a job as she did. I have referred her to everyone I know that wants cosmetic surgery. She truly is so kind and such an amazing surgeon. Her office staff is also very nice and friendly each time I have called and been in the office. I'm so happy with my decision and I am grateful to have been referred to Dr. Sweis!


Breast Augmentation

Wanted to do this for years, by son was 9.5lb, followed by years of being overweight. I finally got my weight under control but was left with a large skin fold and my belly button had disappeared into what looked like a giant sad face on my tummy! Being single again I wanted to do this for myself to feel more confident, with a goal of wearing a bikini this year, that goal has been achieved! I really loved Dr Sweis, she puts you at ease, she is a real perfectionist and I think goes above and beyond to get the best result. She doesn't try to sell additional work or products but I am already considering another procedure with her to improve my jaw/neck line. Her whole team are so nice, I have already been recommending her to all my friends. The second picture is 3 weeks post op, still healing and swelling still subsiding but I am so happy with the result.


Tummy Tuck

The experience before, during and after the facelift was amazing. Dr Sweis has the best Physician Patient relation, the best bedside manner and most of all the best surgical skills. We couldn't ask for more.



I was referred by a friend of mine and inhale a breast augmentation. My case was challenging because inhale a small chest cavity and minor scoliosis. It is hard to make breasts symmetrical in this case. Well, she did it and they look AMAZING. Very natural! I'm in love with the results. She cares about what looks good and will not compromise her name if someone is looking for something ridiculous,we all know there are people out there that want work done that isn't the best. This is another reason why I love her. Her energy is calming, she is extremely caring and just a wonderful person all around. I highly recommend her. You will not be disappointed.

Patient At ratemds.com

Breast Augmentation

I have been seeing Dr. Sweis for about 9 years. I had an upper eye lift and a face lift. I did not have a brow lift as she did not think it was necessary. That's what I love about her. She only does what she thinks is necessary. I have had some fillers also for mouth lines and all looks very normal. Besides being the nicest physician I have ever dealt with, she takes the time to answer questions. Her work is incredible and I am so happy I made the choice to see her 9 years ago. I would highly recommend her.

Patient At ratemds.com

Face & Eye Lift

I highly recommend Dr. Sweis. She is very skilled and the ultimate perfectionist. There is no reason to get a second opinion. I was referred my by physician for labiaplasty and felt no need to look further. I only will see a physician who is highly recommended. When it comes to surgery, I am a huge proponent of getting a second opinion. I did not feel this was necessary after meeting and consulting with Dr. Sweis. My standards are extremely high and Dr. Sweis fits them and exceeds them. Her staff is also very kind, courteous, efficient, and caring - as well as the staff she works with in the hospital. Sometimes, you get an excellent physician, but the staff is not as excellent as the doctor, but you deal with them, because you like the doctor. This is definitely not the case in Dr. Sweis's office. If I would need any other treatment, I would not hesitate to use Dr. Sweis, nor would I hesitate to recommend her. I have read about others' experience with labiaplasty and I would say they did not have the right surgeon. My experience was basically a walk in the park compared to what I read about other women's experiences. I am positive that I chose the right person to put my trust in. There was never an uncomfortable moment in Dr. Sweis's care, nor with any of her team members. This could be an uncomfortable process and embarrassing. Because of the excellent care I received, it was quite easy and comfortable. I would definitely do it again and definitely choose Dr. Sweis and staff.

I am a HUGE fan of Doc Sweis. I've had several surgeries performed by her, and all of my results are very natural. It is her passion, empathy, and unwavering determination to make a difference in my life-that resonated with me! I have recommended her to my friends and family, and will continue to do so.

Patient At ratemds.com

Several Surgeries

You will not find a more skilled, knowledgeable or compassionate plastic surgeon, like Dr. Sweis. My results from all my procedures are very natural! I will be forever grateful to her for her outstanding care and concern for me.

Patient At ratemds.com

Several Surgeries

I had breast augmentation done by Dr. Sweis. She has done a remarkable job at making my body how I wanted it. I will always go back to her for future surgeries. She comes with a certain calm and soothing aura which is always much appreciated.

Patient At ratemds.com

Breast Augmentation

I had a Lip Lift Surgery with Dr. Sweis last week. I'm not hesitant at all to go under the scalpel, knowing that I'm under her compassionate care and mostly her outstanding artistry and science, resulting in perfection. She is a distinguished doctor whose hallmark is her devotion to her patients.

Dr. Iliana Sweis' attention to detail, and her artistic talents, are both exemplified through her work!! She is the perfect package of skill, knowledge and compassion. It is her KIND heart, combined with her desire to keep up with cutting edge technology, that makes her a wonderful doc!! I feel with every procedure I have with her, that she leaves me with a special touch of Sweis-ism. Which is, a touch of sparkle!!!!

Dr. Sweis is wonderful! She takes time to meet with her patients and cares about their well- being. She goes the extra mile to make sure her patients feel comfortable. She is very patient when explaining medical conditions and provides referrals when something is outside of her expertise. I have used Dr. Sweis for Botox and filler and she provides a natural look. I highly recommend Dr. Sweis.

Lisa from Chicago, IL

Botox & Filler

After years of suffering with back pain, I felt it was necessary to make a change and have breast reduction surgery. I dreaded this because I was certain it was going to be excruciatingly painful. A close friend recommended Dr. Iliana Sweis who had recently performed the same surgery on her daughter. It was clear the procedure was a tremendous success and forever changed the quality of life for this young lady. But hearing firsthand about the exceptional care provided by Dr. Sweis and her team inspired me to confront my fears and meet with the doctor. I met with her in the Northbrook office which was warm and inviting and did not have feel of a typical medical facility. The staff was professional and genuinely friendly which put me at ease. Dr. Sweis listened carefully to my story, preformed her assessment and indicated I was a candidate for the procedure. She took her time to explain everything in detail – she did not rush and answered all my questions. It is difficult to describe but I instantly felt a bond with Dr. Sweis. She conveyed a great sense of experience and professionalism. As a result, I did not dwell on the decision and scheduled surgery that moment. Her wonderful staff kept in contact to be sure I was prepared and ready for the big day. All my fears and anxiety about post-surgical pain were completely unnecessary. The procedure took fully 5 hours from start to finish. The hospital staff could not have been more caring before, during and after the surgery. Dr. Sweis provided her cell phone number in case there were any questions or concerns after office hours. She also called that evening to be sure I was doing well. The aftercare was outstanding. It is important to do your research before making large purchases or other impactful decisions. I rely heavily on reviews but rarely write them. My experience with Dr. Sweis was so wonderful, that I feel compelled to share it with anyone considering surgery. The quality of my life will be forever improved and I believe I achieved the best possible results with Dr. Sweis.

Patient at Vitals.com

Breast Reduction

I was referred to Dr. Sweis late last year as I was looking to have an upper and lower blepharoplasty performed. Due to heredity, I had very puffy and hooded eyes. Dr. Sweis was so very kind, yet professional. I love her philosophy of correcting features, not changing my appearance. Dr. Sweis and her staff were wonderful, helping me through this process the whole way. Once healed, no one suspected that I had anything done, I looked so natural. I then went back this year for a face lift and neck lipo. Again, they were all great and Dr. Sweis succeeded in phenomenal results. She is truly an artist. Again, no one suspected that I had something done! I believe this is because she does such "natural" work that you do not look plastic or phony. I have recommended her to some friends and I know they will heed my advice as I research every avenue before making decisions. Going with Dr. Sweis was the best decision I could have made. Love her!

Patient at Vitals.com

Upper & Lower Blepharoplasty

She is an amazing doctor. She makes what could be somewhat uncomfortable so comfortable. She is sincere and kind but a gifted doctor. A perfectionist! I couldn't be happier with my care and the results

Patient at Vitals.com

Several Surgeries