ThermiSmooth ®


Thermi RF is the first aesthetic technology that uses radio frequency energy, or heat, to achieve the desired cosmetic results. Results are long lasting and require minimal downtime. ThermiRF technology is used in the following treatments: ThermiTight®, ThermiVa®, ThermiSmooth®

Would you like a non-invasive way to help improve the skin laxity along your arms, abdomen, thighs, and back? If so, the ThermiSmooth® System may be of help. This approach uses an external radiofrequency system to deliver heat to the deep dermis of the skin and help to tighten your tissues without any downtime. It is performed over a series of 6-8 treatments, two weeks apart.

What is ThermiSmooth®?

  • Using a specially-designed handpiece, the ThermiRF™ system delivers controlled heat to treated areas.
  • Radiofrequency energy is a non-invasive method that has been utilized in medicine for several years. As part of ThermiSmooth® treatments, radio frequency energy penetrates below the surface while keeping skin and surrounding tissues intact. The energy then converts to heat, tightening existing collagen and stimulating the production of new collagen for continued improvements to aging skin.

What are the Advantages of ThermiSmooth®?

In addition to providing subtle enhancements to the skin using the body’s natural healing response, ThermiSmooth® can provide several benefits to patients, including:

  • Gentle treatment that many patients compare to a warm massage
  • Precise, controlled, targeted heating that treats visible signs of aging at the source without overheating the skin.
  • ThermiSmooth® also provides temporary reduction of cellulite
  • Targeted areas are heated several times to ensure maximum results
  • Unlike the extensive recovery times of other skin revitalization treatments, ThermiSmooth® requires no downtime and allows most patients to return to normal activities immediately.
  • This quick treatment is performed in our office and is easy to fit into any busy schedule.

Are There Any Side Effects?

As with any tissue-heating treatment, the skin may appear slightly flushed or pink afterward, which usually subsides within the first 24 hours. As ThermiSmooth® does not remove the surface of the skin or damage underlying tissues, this is a low-risk treatment for men and women who are experiencing wrinkles, loose skin and other visible signs of aging, and who either do not want or do not qualify for surgical procedures.


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