Selphyl Hair Restoration


This process uses your own platelet-rich plasma to help stimulate hair growth. The Selphyl procedure is based on "Platelet Rich Plasma Therapy”. We take a small sample of your own blood from your arm and then places the blood sample in a centrifuge. The centrifuge works to separate the platelet rich plasma or "PRP” from the remaining blood. The yellow plasma removed from the centrifuge is rich in growth factors. This is then mixed with the Selphyl proprietary mixture of other growth factors that will stimulate your hair to grow. As the result of the treatment in most patients, each shaft of hair gets thicker, more hairs grow in for increased density, and less hair falls out.

The Selphyl treatment is performed in our office while you are fully awake and has minimal, if any, down time. We recommend 3 treatments one month apart for enhancing your potential results.

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