Neck Liposuction


What is Neck Liposuction?

  • It is the removal of fat from the neck region. Most of the fat is under the chin along the midline of the neck, and a lesser amount is along the sides of the neck.
  • In individuals with fullness along the neck due to fat deposits, liposuction gives the neck a more defined look. It improves the profile, often enhancing the definition of the chin and jaw line.
  • It is ideal in situations where the neck has good skin elasticity and a slight to moderate amount of well-defined excess fat.

How is Neck Liposuction performed?

  • A 3 to 4 mm incision is made under the chin and behind each earlobe.
  • Tumescent fluid (salt water containing medications to control bleeding and pain) is then infiltrated within the fatty layers of the neck.
  • In some cases, a thin probe supplying ultrasound energy is introduced in to the fatty layers to help break up the fat.
  • Liposuction is then performed using a very small hollow metal tube (cannula) attached to a high vacuum.
  • After surgery, a compression dressing is placed to allow the skin to drape back smoothly and to minimize the swelling and bruising.

What can I expect after Neck Liposuction?

  • Most patients report very little pain after neck liposuction, but the area is tender to the touch. There is some pressure from the dressings.
  • During the first week after surgery, patients will experience swelling and bruising of the neck. The special compression garment helps to decrease the swelling.
  • After approximately one week, the majority of the bruising and swelling will have subsided. But it will take on average approximately three to six months before patients see the final results.
  • There will be numbness along the neck which begins to improve weeks to months after the procedure.
  • There will be areas of firmness along the area that underwent the liposuction. This is due to the healing process occurring within the fatty layers under the skin. Usually, these areas of firmness resolve over time. Massaging them is helpful.

What kind of anesthesia is recommended for Neck Liposuction?

  • Depending on the degree of liposuction necessary, the procedure may be performed under just local anesthesia or under local anesthesia with IV sedation (twilight anesthesia).
    In cases where patients are very apprehensive, general anesthesia may be used.


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