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Face Lift Patient #2


This is a 57 year-old man who presented complaining of an aging appearance. He was particularly bothered by his jowls and neck. He was concerned about the possibility of appearing over-done and unlike himself. Upon physical examination, he was found to have thick tissues, jowls, prominent neck bands, and a prominent Adam’s apple. He also had a slight amount of excess skin along the upper eyelids. With a male face lift, particular attention needs to be given to the hair line so as to not shift it to an appreciable extent. Also, the incisions around the ears need to be positioned in such a fashion so as to not have hair growing inside the ears (depending on incision placement, the cheek skin may be shifted inside the ears). Furthermore, a male face lift requires particular attention so as to avoid feminizing the face. This is prevented by the degree and direction of the lifting of the cheek soft tissues. Dr. Sweis performed an upper Eye Lid Lift, neck liposuction including tightening of the neck muscles (platysmaplasty) and a SMAS (superficial musculo aponeurotic system) face lift. The SMAS procedure addresses the tissues beneath the skin, raising them to a more youthful position, and allows a natural re-draping of the skin. For this man, the incisions for the face lift were mainly behind the ears and within the skin fold just in front of the ears. This minimized their visibility and prevented shifting of cheek skin with the associated hair follicles inside the ears.

If the incision is placed inside the ear, the hair-bearing cheek skin would be shifted inside the ear and he would have to shave inside the ears. His postoperative photos are one month following surgery.

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