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Eye Lid Lift Patient #4


This is a 52 year-old woman from Chicago who presented to Dr. Sweis complaining of having an aged appearance to her eyes. She was particularly bothered by the excess skin and fullness along both the upper and lower lids. Upon physical examination she was noted to have minimal excess skin of the upper eyelids and protrusion of the fat pads along the upper and lower lids. It was decided to proceed with an upper and lower Eye Lid Lift procedure. For the upper eyelids, Dr. Sweis removed the excess skin, a small strip of muscle and the excess fat along the medial and central fat pads. For the lower lids, the incision was made inside the lower lid to reposition some of the lower lid fat along the tear trough, in effort to minimize the potential for a hollow appearance along the lower eyelids. Almost no fat was removed from the three lower lid fat pads. The excess skin of the lower eyelid was removed through a separate skin incision just underneath the lash line.

This approach does not interrupt the lower lid muscle and releases the capsulopalpebral fascia which helps decrease the potential of pulling the lid down, causing an ectropion. Her postoperative photos are 1 year, 6 months following Eye Lid Lift surgery.

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