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FaceTite Patient #1


This 60 year-old woman presented to Dr. Sweis to discuss facial and neck rejuvenation.  She was most concerned with her jaw line and was interested in tightening of her lower face and neck for a more youthful look. She was considered a good candidate for a face lift with neck liposuction and neck lift.  However, she did not wish to undergo surgery.  She elected to undergo the FaceTite procedure, with the understanding that she could undergo the face lift and neck lift in the future should she wish to have greater improvement than achievable without surgery. 

FaceTite is a non-surgical radiofrequency procedure that works by tightening the lower facial and neck soft tissues.  This patient underwent FaceTite along the lower face and neck, as well as liposuction the neck.  This procedure was performed in our office under local anesthesia with the patient fully awake.  The results of FaceTite are not immediate. The improvement of the neck contour and jaw line begins to be seen after the first week following the procedure, and the results continue to change and improve over the following 6-9 months.  The results will vary from patient to patient, depending on patient age, skin thickness, extent of sun damage and genetics.  Some patients may experience a greater extent of improvement from the FaceTite treatment than others.

This 60 year-old patient is shown before the FaceTite and neck liposuction and 7 months after her procedure.

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