Brow Lift


What is a Brow Lift?

  • A brow lift lifts up the brow, the temples and the middle of the forehead.
  • If the eyebrows have dropped and the upper eyelids look heavy, a brow lift can elevate the brows and give the eyes a more youthful wide-eyed look.
  • It will make the eye area look more alert and less heavy because of sagging brows and eyelids.
  • It can remove folds of skin by the bridge of the nose if they are caused by drooping of the forehead skin.
  • A brow lift will also address the forehead wrinkles.
  • Two approaches may be used to achieve a full brow lift

- Endoscopic brow lift
- Coronal brow lift

  • The approach used depends upon the patient’s individual needs and the surgeon’s preference.
  • Often times, a brow lift is used in conjunction with an upper blepharoplasty to help rejuvenate the brow and upper lid region. Each of these two procedures accomplishes a different goal. An upper blepharoplasty reduces the excess skin and puffiness of the upper eyelid without necessarily changing the position of the eyebrow or affecting the appearance of the forehead. A brow lift lifts the eyebrows creating more distance between the lash line and the eyebrow. It relaxes many of the forehead wrinkles and by lifting the eyebrow gives the appearance of less skin along the upper eyelid.

How is an endoscopic Brow Lift performed?

  • Three or four 1/2-inch incisions are made in the scalp just behind the hairline and with the aid of a small camera and special instruments, the surgeon works under the skin and muscles of the forehead.
  • Once the skin and muscles are released form the underlying skull, the skin and muscles are lifted upward and tightened to elevate the brows and forehead.
  • Parts of thickened muscle may be gently teased out to soften the appearance of the forehead.
  • Usually, skin is not excised with an endoscopic brow lift.

How is a coronal Brow Lift performed?

  • An incision is made along the scalp from the upper aspect of one ear to the upper aspect of the other ear.
  • This procedure may shift the hairline back a bit. In cases where one has a low hairline, this may be desirable. In cases where an individual has a high hairline, the central aspect of the incision may have to be placed just at the edge of the hairline to prevent its shifting.
  • As in the endoscopic brow lift, the skin and muscles are released from the underlying skull in order to lift them upward and elevate the brows and forehead.
  • The coronal brow lift may be recommended in cases where forehead skin needs to be removed, or in cases where the forehead muscles are significantly thickened and need a more aggressive resection than is possible with an endoscopic brow lift. In most other cases, physicians favor the endoscopic brow lift.

How long will a Brow Lift last?

  • As with a facelift, lifestyle and genetics influence the rate at which we age, and consequently the longevity of these cosmetic procedures. Usually, a brow lift will last 5-10 years.


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